Together we can remind Calgary what it means to Be Local.

We would like to share this letter from Stephanie Jackman, Founder and President of REAP business association  (Respect for the Earth and all People)…

…I have been in touch with many of you over the past few days and heard the incredible stories of evacuations and returns to your homes and businesses. I have been concerned for each of you, your families, your employees and wished to help. I’ve been inspired by your strength, your optimism, and the commitment of Calgarians to help rebuild our city.

Some of you have been badly hit by the floods (Highwood Crossing, River Cafe, for example) and will need help rebuilding. Some of you, like me, were not directly impacted by the water, but would like to help. Now is the time when we need our community more than ever., Neighbour Link, Red Cross and other groups are doing a terrific job of matching needs and resources. If you aren’t already in touch with these groups I invite you to contact them.

As a community of REAP members, I would like to join forces to remind Calgarians of the importance of local business to our culture and our economy and encourage as many people as possible to prioritize local spending in the coming weeks and months.

REAP will be starting a series of blog posts telling the stories of local business as they relate to the flood. If you have something that you would like to share please contact me. It might be your story of evacuation, your needs for rebuilding, the stories of your employees, the stories of your community, or the ways in which you’ve provided help to others. Whatever your story, I want to hear it.

Together we can remind Calgary what it means to Be Local.


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