dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s Foodshed wins Best Food Literature at the 2012 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!!

Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet

by dee Hobsbawn-Smith 

is the Winner of Best Food Literature (Canada-English) at the 2012 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The book will now go one to compete for the “Gourmand Best in the World” Award. The results will be announced on Saturday February 23, 2013 at the annual awards event during the Paris Cookbook Fair.


Winner of Best Food Literature (Canada-English) at the 2012 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Voted Best Alberta Cookbook in the CBC Books Cross-Country Cookbook Shelf

 “You know your doctor, you know your lawyer, you know your accountant. Who’s your farmer?” In Foodshed, writer, chef, poet and food advocate dee Hobsbawn-Smith answers this provocative question as she introduces several dozen farmers, and the food they produce.

An intimate guide to the sustainable food scene, this book profiles more than 75 growers and producers. Learn the A to Z’s of each producer, from Asparagus growers to Zizania cultivators, and enjoy 26 original recipes. Hobsbawn-Smith also examines the ground that farmers stand on: government involvement, sustainability and the environment, animal welfare, farm labour, and organizations from Slow Food to the grassroots Community Supported Agriculture (csa) movement.

Do you know your farmer? As Hobsbawn-Smith writes: “Knowing your farmer isn’t just about being able to ask how your food is raised. The trade in goodwill between producers and consumers is transferred to the table—goodwill equals good food. It’s a triumvirate—the ingredients, the consumers and the growers.” Knowing your farmer re-establishes the all-important tradition of community: relationships are the missing ingredient in the modern food chain. Get to know your farmer and re-establish the missing ingredient in the modern food chain.


“A rich encyclopedia of facts, farm-gate lore and original recipes . . . A politically engaging narrative in which Hobsbawn-Smith articulates the challenges and joys faced by small-scale producers.” —The Globe and Mail


“Relevant to anyone interested in sustainable eating. Foodshed is sure to take you on a journey beyond your local farmers market and into the heart of local living.” —Savour Life Magazine


“Dee has known these farmers for a long time . . . Their stories are personal and real . . . But throughout all this, it is the deep connection to the land that stands out.” —Culinaire


“Serves up well-researched explanations of current food issues and trends, and still manages to keep the whole meal appetizing enough that we’ll want to go out and reap the bounty.” —Calgary Herald


As an author, an artist, a cook, a thinker . . . dee has created an important treatise on the evolution of culinary Alberta. This is a great book, as free-form and unconventional as the author herself.” —Anita Stewart, culinary activist, author, founder of Food Day Canada, and member of the Order of Canada


dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s award-winning journalism, poetry and fiction have appeared in books, newspapers, magazines, anthologies and literary journals in Canada, the USA and elsewhere, including her popular food column that ran for eight years in The Calgary Herald. Between 1992 and 1994, she was chef and co-owner of Foodsmith, one of Calgary’s first restaurants to use locally-sourced ingredients. For 12 years, she researched and hosted theCalgary City Palate’s “Foodie Tootles,” rural farmgate bus tours culminating in on-farm locavore dinners. An active educator, local foods advocate and long-time Slow Food member, dee served as president of Slow Food Calgary from 2008 to 2010, and in 2012, she helped to co-found Canada’s newest Slow Food convivium in Saskatoon.

Her fifth book, Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet (TouchWood Editions), has been hailed by The Globe and Mail as ‘a locavore call to arms.’ After 27 years inCalgary, she now lives in her family’s 100-year-old farmhouse west of Saskatoon. In 2012, dee won the Hamilton Poetry Festival’s annual GritLit Poetry Contest. Her sixth book and first collection of poetry, Wildness Rushing In, will be published by Hagios Press in 2014. Dee is currently earning her MFA in writing at the University of Saskatchewan.






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